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Grupo Zocalo, a subsidiary of Boxer Property, was founded in 2003 in Texas to manage, lease, and administer commercial properties in the retail sector. The company’s first project was in Houston, Texas, followed soon thereafter by its involvement with the second, La Gran Plaza de Fort Worth, in 2004.

Grupo Zocalo’s focus is to successfully identify and capitalize on opportunities created by demographic changes and trends in the marketplace. By focusing on opportunity investments and catering to under-serviced consumer markets the company provides a one-stop shopping destination where families are welcome to congregate.

The approach and philosophy of Grupo Zocalo combine progressive management, common sense, and consistency to revitalize its centers.  Grupo Zocalo’s highly-qualified teams bring together professional expertise in leasing and marketing, accounting, construction, design, and maintenance to build value and provide the highest quality management.

Grupo Zocalo strives to create an environment closely reminiscent of a small zocalo, a town square where friends and family gather. To that end, La Gran Plaza has been able to provide its loyal customer base with the shopping experience they desire.

The company’s second project, La Gran Plaza de Fort Worth, is the epitome of Grupo Zocalo’s philosophy. Formerly known as Seminary South and Fort Worth Town Center, this million square foot mall provides a mixture of retail, office, and community centers for the neighborhoods and surrounding areas of North Texas.

We invite you and your family and friends to visit La Gran Plaza and enjoy a one of a kind shopping experience.

La Gran Plaza de Fort Worth:  the place to be… Tú Plaza!

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